Monday, June 16, 2008

Tagged again...

So, I've been tagged by my old college roommate, Tiffany. I'm supposed to list 7 quirks/random facts about me and then tag 7 people. So, here goes:

1. Some days I just want to turn
"OFF" the tourists. I guess that's no surprise. The worst thing is, however, when I start off the day with one person asking an annoying question, and then every tourist for hours just annoys me. Not a good way to spend the day. Have you seen the commercial for the Honda Pilot where the tourists are "cornered" by a bison? The guy in the Pilot pulls up next to this group of tourists on the side of the road, to see if they need a ride. The tourists say, "There are 7 of us, we'll never fit in there." The guy says, "There's seating for 8," and then the tourists say, "but we have too many beverages." The guy looks exasperated and says "but there are like 12 cup holders in here!" Then they say, "but what about the bison?" It kills me every time.

Why? Because THAT, my friends, THAT is what tourists are like EVERY STINKING DAY OF MY SUMMER. That commercial is the PERFECT demonstration of what tourists are like!!! Jared likes to call them "children" with "amnesia." All of a sudden they have no reasoning skills, and they ask the dumbest questions that a child (who is not on vacation) could answer.

2. I'm a wanna-be-Vegan (aka "At-Home" Vegan). We stopped buying all dairy products (with the exception of real butter), and only cook and eat vegan in our household. I could tell you a billion scientifically-backed reasons why...but I'll sum it up by saying it's all about health. Jared is also extremely pro-Vegan...and we eat yummy dishes every day, now. Better than ever before, even! But don't can still feed us a non-Vegan dinner, and we will enjoy it! We both splurge when we eat with others, and ditch the Vegan-ness, but stick to it at home. Moderation in all things...

3. I am picky about being time and energy-efficient (not with heating, etc...but with my PERSONAL energy use). For example, if I am unpacking boxes at the store, I like to get everything out all at once, and put the trash in one big pile...then throw it away when I am DONE. It drives me nuts that Jared likes to pick up each piece as we go, and put it in the trash. To me, it seems like a waste of energy. We just have to laugh at each other about it...because we both want OUR way, of course.

4. I have a very sensitive noggin. I HATE it when people have smelly breath. If you haven't brushed your teeth lately (well, even if you have...but perhaps you have bad toothpaste)...don't come near me!
This trait seems to run in the family...NO, not the bad breath. I mean that hating bad breath runs in the family. :-)

5. I never do full minutes on the microwave. I usually start by typing something like "5" and then I decide "50" is not enough, but I don't want to start over and hit "100 (minute)", so it's usually something like "59" seconds.

6. I'm anti-Flouride. Another opinionated health quirk. Yes, it's great for your teeth...but at the risk of everything else...

7. I hate smelly feet. Yup. Yucky yucky yucky.

So, I tag Lea, Lara, Joni, Angie, Stacey, Donald, and Michelle! If you've already done it again!