Saturday, May 22, 2010


After spending a week in Quincy visiting family, we took the Montana route back to Utah. We stopped at stores along the way, and made a special trip to the West Yellowstone area, where we are trying to nab a few accounts (both wood watches and flower jewelry).

Montana has a certain kind of beauty that I can appreciate.

Just in case you might have missed them...they actually post signs...
Since we were at the West Yellowstone entrance, we began to think we'd be crazy if we didn't take the opportunity to drive into the park and show the girls some geysers! So, we gave in...and despite the fact that there was snow on the ground (and we had packed for Spring/Summer weather!)...we took a 3 hour detour, and walked to some sights, and waited to see Old Faithful!
It was fun to take some of the classic "Yellowstone Childhood Photos" that I have several of as a child!

What? A geyser? Where?!

Farmer Day in Quincy

Okay, so I'm sure there is a better name than "Farmer Day"...but I couldn't remember it. Anyhow, we visited Quincy, Washington (central Washington farmland), and our trip happened to overlap an activity that the high school puts on for the young kids. We attended in the wind (notice everyone is squinting to try to avoid getting dirt in their eyes!), and got to see some fun animals and farm equipment!

Then, Ella showed us Grandma's school bus. Marilyn loves to take Ella on the school bus with her while she does her bus route...and Ella loves it, too! Someday, Maiya will be old enough, too!
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What do you do?

What do you do with Alaskan-blooded kids on a 50 degree day that is overcast, and breezy?

You pull out tupperwares of water, of course! As well as sunscreen (these girls have been getting BURNT!), bath toys, and swimsuits.

Ella came running in to tell me that Maiya had removed her swimsuit and diaper.

She was too ashamed to look up at me...but is this photo not CLASSIC?!!!
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I can't bake...

Have I mentioned this before? It's true...I am a TERRIBLE baker. Bread? Sure...I can stick the ingredients in a bread maker, and "bake" away...but anything else? Nope.

I was making chocolate chip cookies, but 3/4 of the way through the recipe it called for Old Fashioned Oats. Oops...I guess I was making Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. The dough didn't look right (even though I swear I followed the directions), and sure enough...this was the result:

And they scooped up off the pan so nicely (can you hear my sarcasm?)....
And for Lara & Greg...just to let you know....I did NOT attempt to veganize this recipe. I cheated and used eggs...and I STILL failed. Lesson learned--DON'T BAKE.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, I'm not much of one to blog about other people's giveaways...but these little card-table covers (made from felt) really impressed me, and I can definitely see my girls playing with these for hours. I'd have to win it, to ever be able to afford it!

Anyhow...go check out this giveaway on the coupon blog that I's awesome! They have a ton of different playhouses like this listed on an etsy shop. I love etsy (not that I've ever bought anything for myself on it...only for the store!).

Visit the giveaway here: