Friday, March 26, 2010

An unnatural feeling... it wrong to feel completely out-of-place on a warm day, playing outside with family? it completely right?

This past week brought some warm weather, and one day we escaped to the local soccer fields, and played outside for nearly 2 hours with our girls. I don't think we've EVER done that before. Sad? Yes. But true.

Why have we not enjoyed a sunny, relaxing day in the sun as a family before?

#1 - We haven't enjoyed really warm (or hot) weather in over 8 years (10 for Jared). Sure, there was the exception of the beautiful weather in Mexico...but truthfully, we still worked almost every day in Mexico, and didn't do anything "outdoorsy" like this...

#2 - We've always had too many things looming over us. For once, it seems that most of our time-mandated projects are done (accounting, catalog-making, etc). There are no longer the major excuses we've been used to having every day since we started our business.

So...when the sun started shining...we did the unprecedented: grabbed some balls, ice water, our picnic mat, and just relaxed in the sun (and shade)!

We rolled out our mat from Baskets of Cambodia that we LOOOOOVE so much. It is much easier than worrying about keeping a blanket clean, and it doesn't allow moisture to seep through.
We played soccer, "Find the ball" blind-folded, we picked flowers (weeds)...
Okay, we smiled a LOT...
Hammed it up some more...
Played an awesome game of hot potato with the bouncy ball...
And when everyone was tired of relaxing (wow--did I write that?), we rolled up the mat, and headed home.
We loved you, Alaska...but seriously...I am REALLY looking forward to a sunny summer with spare time to be "normal" for once!

And for the first time in my life, I want to be "normal" in just one area of my life...
Pst...did I just write that?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Customer Reviews

I like customer least when they're positive. Generally, customers only bother to contact you after a purchase if they've had trouble with their order.

But, perhaps because we run such a "transparent" business (we respond personally to customers, and try to make it a personal experience, instead of hiding behind a business name), every once in awhile we get a random email from a customer with a nice note, and sometimes even a photo!

Today, we received this email...and it made us smile:

"I just wanted to say that I am amazed at the detail of your wooden watches! I originally purchased three of these watches for my groomsmen because I was looking for a unique gift and they loved them. I was also very impressed with the quick delivery of my watches! I have and will recommend this website to all of my friends and relatives."

Do you have a store you like doing business with? Tell them how much you appreciate them! There IS someone behind the email...and they love positive feedback!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A great Dentist Experience...

I'm a bit picky about Dentists. Granted...I think I should be. I've always been skeptical when dentists tell me I need work done, so I was thrilled last year in Mexico, when our dentist actually pulled out a camera and showed me tooth-by-tooth what the issues were with each one. I guess I have very deep molars, and therefore, no amount of brushing (I'm obsessive) has ever been able to control the growth of plaque. I had a lot of work that needed to be done, but I've put it off, and put it off.

Well, no longer. I found a dentist in Fayetteville, not far from Peachtree City, who is fantastic! Just as with my previous Mexican Dentist experience, this dentistry office gave me an "Ultrasonic" cleaning...which is HEAVENLY. Instead of picking at your teeth with little scrapers, the entire cleaning is done with water, is completely painless, and just as effective. LOVE IT.

Dr. Magdy Attia (Egyptian in descent...and has a VERY interesting life history/biography you can read online here) then pulled out the mouth camera (just as my Mexican dentist had!), and showed me my teeth. Time to get some work done.

And here's the fun part...he then pulled out a Waterlase machine, which means that he was able to do an embarrassing number of fillings in a fraction of the time it would have normally take (only 45 minutes!). Waterlase accomplishes the same thing as a dental drill, but is a handheld laser device with water, that magically (in my opinion!) removes all of the cavities without actually drilling, or coming in physical contact with your teeth. I got nearly 10 fillings with absolutely no numbing, no drilling, and almost no pain (except for an occasional pinprick sensation).

The hardest part of it all was having to keep my mouth open for the entire procedure...which left my jaw aching for days. I have been told by Dr. Attia that I am a grinder (Yikes! I would like to consider it more of a "clencher"...but I suppose it has the same effect), and that I am slowly destroying my teeth. He even showed me lateral cracks in my teeth that are a result of this nighttime habit. Oh no! (How come no other dentist has mentioned this problem since High School, when I had to bring up this concern with my childhood Orthodontist?)

He told me I needed to get a "Night Guard", which costs $350 (ouch!), and I would wear at night to keep my teeth separated (consider it a clear, huh?). I agree with him that I absolutely need it...but after doing some research at home, I discovered I can order a lab-direct Night Guard (just like the one he offers in his office) for about $60, plus shipping. $350? I don't think so. But $60? Now, I can handle that!!

And that is my Dentist story for 2010. If you haven't experienced an Ultra Sonic cleaning...find a dentist in your area who DOES IT. Seriously...even if you love your tried-and-true dentist, believe will PREFER an Ultra Sonic cleaning, So...find a new dentist...or ask your dentist to start offering it!!!

Also, if you need work done...don't settle for painful drills...find a Waterlase Dentist (only about 6% of dentists are currently offering this technology...but hopefully, someday every dentist will get trained, and offer it). You will thank yourself!! I'm so glad I happened to find the best dentist in the Peachtree City and Fayetteville area!!

Girls will be Girls!

Imitating their Mommy with their hair wrapped up in towels...

Maiya doctoring Woody...
Ella CAN be as cute as a cupcake...
Ella tends to pick 1 boyfriend, wherever she goes. In Mexico, it was her friend, Alaska, it is Nicolas (both happen to be half-Mexican!), and in is Matae (who is half Slovanian!). They are smitten with each other!

A few weeks ago, Matae told his Mom that he thinks Ella might be "the one." With this combination of redheads...there's bound to be trouble!
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