Friday, April 30, 2010

In my dream world...

In my dream world...

I would sell all of our remaining inventory, and have all of my business debts paid off.
I would have a successful website that brings in several sales a day.
I would have a thriving wholesale and rep business.
I would be an avid blogger, with followers from across the globe.
I wouldn't get annoyed at my children for being children.
I would write a killer book that would take the world by storm.
I would sing again--and finally record an album.
And I would take this beautiful home of mine all the way to Mexico...

I would buy a property to park it permanently.
On that property, we would slowly build a home that we could move in to, in perhaps 5 years or so.
I would walk my children to school every day.
I would spend the majority of my waking hours outside.
I would plant a garden that would provide me with loads of fresh, yummy veggies.
I would cloth diaper, recycle, compost, use solar energy, and be involved in community volunteer events.
I would speak Spanish fluently, and use this knowledge to build business relationships with Mexican vendors--building a wholesale business that would not only keep me afloat, but support many who live much simpler lives than most Americans can imagine.
I would be a better friend, mother, wife, and daughter.

In my dream world...
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Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was TRYING to grow my hair out long. But when I discovered a head full of split ends (What? Where did those come from?! I've never had them before...and I had MAJOR split-end issues without any changes in my hair care this winter!), I decided it was time to start over.

I'm glad I did!!

Feeling much lighter, and ready for summer! (Well, on my head...not in the belly...that is)
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Arches National Park

On our way from Pueblo to Mapleton, UT, we stopped through Moab to find a Wood Watch account (which we did-yay!). Also, we learned that it was a freebie week for US National how could we resist a 1 hour detour into Arches National Park?

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There She Blows!

We pulled our awesome little "Yuppie Wagon" trailer (yes--it's really called that) up to Alaska and back last summer, then across to Georgia and back...a tire blow-out was bound to happen at some point (even though these tires were just put on in the Fall)! That happens when you take mini tires like this at speeds well beyond the recommendation you see printed on every small U-Haul trailer (we've since noticed this recommendation).Anyhow...only 1 1/2 miles from our exit to stay the night with friends in Pueblo, Colorado...there she blew!! And off blew the wheel cover, and everything!
Maiya had just fallen asleep, and didn't notice that we pulled over to take a look at the damage. Ella, on the other hand, was devastated...and she began crying "We're NEVER going to make it!" was soooo funny! Luckily, my sister-in-law, Jenny, had so graciously packed the girls goody bags for their journey...and Ella found solace blowing bubbles on the road side while we fixed the tire!
We were on our way to visit my old theater friend, Rosina (we did Savior of the World at the LDS Conference Center back in 2000), and her hubby, Peter, came to our rescue with some tools and labor!
While the men got the spare tire on, Maiya eventually woke up, and Ella entertained her in the van.

We are so blessed that this blow-out occured so close to our destination...and better yet, that we could have an extra pair of hands to help with the tire removal/swap!!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gage now working...

Topeka, Kansas has the coolest park, EVER. No, seriously...after dropping by there with the girls when we drove through town, Jared finally understood why I think that most parks are "blah"...

There is just something SOOO cool about seeing your children re-live some of your own childhood memories.

We rode the Gage Park Train ($1.25 for a ride around the 160 acre park...where can you find a price like that, nowadays?) and dangerous antiquated see-saw benches (see photo bottom right) were not to be missed!

Not to mention "Animal Land" is just about of one the COOLEST places to play (well, it was to me as a kid, anyhow...and it didn't seem to disapoint 20 years later, either)!! It's fun to see that the old fading paint jobs and animal creatures (law-suit proof or not) are still all there!
Kudos to Topeka for keeping this place alive and well!

Too bad I can't take this park with me where I go!
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Cute Cousins

On our trek from Georgia to Utah, we stopped in Tennessee to see my brother, Ben, his wife, Jenny, and their son, Tyler.
They treated us to fresh Krispy Kreme donuts!!

Are these not some of the cutest cousins?!

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Amicalola Falls

It's just a fun name to say...isn't it?

AMICALOLA...Amicalola...I dare you...say it out loud!

Anyhow...before leaving Georgia, Lara & Greg took us to these Falls!
Looking preggo, now!

Blisters...oh, I mean...SISTERS...
don't we look alike?!!
Or not...
The family...and our phantom spirit...
On the way there, we took a weird turn, and found ourselves at a Kangaroo Conservation Center! What?! In Georgia?

While we were tempted to pay the big bucks to take the little shuttle to see the kangaroos up close...the $30/Adult and $24/Child price tag was enough to convince us to instead snap a quick picture from the fence...where we DID, in fact, get to spot a few kangaroos waaaay in the distance!
The end.
Or ends.

Fun with the Girls...

Some random photos...

Swimming in Peachtree City (outside on a HOT day!), painting fingernails, library fun-time, goggles & dress-up!!

Remind me again...what am I going to do with a boy?!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Day

For Easter, we traveled with Lara & Greg to Greg's parent's home in Tennessee. They took us in, as if we were their own family, and we had a fantastic time!!

Ella made a new buddy, and Gerg's parents spoiled our girls (and us) with candy, and yummy food!

We dyed eggs...
and we introduced Greg's family to the Saville tradition of rolling those eggs (to break the shells), and then Lara and I fed them our creamed egg over toast meal (apparently, an old navy meal that my grandpa used to enjoy...I believe?)! Yummy! It's okay to not be vegan on Easter...
And of course...the girls got to do an egg hunt around the yard (in the BEAUTIFUL weather!)...!
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Ella's last day of Preschool...

We are SOOOOO blessed that Ella was able to attend preschool while we were in Peachtree City. It was a fantastic school, and she really learned SO much! She is taking off with her numbers and letters, now...and every once in awhile she breaks out into a song that she learned there!

We attended Ella's Easter Party at school (her last day)...and Ella was kind enough to share her snack with Maiya.

Ella's teachers were great!
And she made a lot of great friends who wished her luck in Mexico! Ohh...eventually we'll get there!
I LOVED how the school did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. All of the plastic eggs were labeled with a letter, and each child was assigned a letter to collect. That means there was no fighting--and everyone got the same amount! I will so have to do this some day with my kids!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Yard Project...

My sister has the coolest yard on the planet. Seriously...perhaps it could be counted as an additional "wonder of the world"?!! It is a fortress of concrete and wood...left compliments of their previous owner. Lara & Greg hope to someday be able to convince a home improvement show to come work wonders on the backyard...and make sense of it all. Until enjoying running around the fortress, and we don't wander too far from the back door!

In an effort to leave behind a token of appreciate for the wonderful time we had living with Lara & Greg...Jared and I decided to tackle a portion of the backyard. I wish I had "before" photos of this newly manually roto-tilled ground...but just imagine weeds and roots galore, as well as lumps (that looked like buried dead bodies), posts, and random chunks of concrete. Jared is a workaholic, and seriously put some major back-work into this yard! I did what I could...limiting my task to raking out the ridiculous amount of roots and weeds from the dirt he turned up. The end result was an entire trailer full of discarded roots/weeds!

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Pollen, oh Pollen...

Have you ever seen pollen COAT the EARTH overnight? I was shocked in Georgia to wake up to this dusty yellow covering on everything outside...

Thank goodness I don't have allergies...but I sure sympathize with those who do!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Make a Pinata...

I admit, I am a creative person.
However, I've found that I use my creativity to SAVE money, not to spend money. In other'll find me doing projects that allow me to save money...rather than doing projects that make me spend more money (scrapbooking, quilting, etc). Necessity dictates, I guess...

So...when Ella had a birthday last month, I was astonished that Pinatas (yes, I realize it has a squiggle over the "n"...but I just don't know how to do it...enlighten me, if you know!) cost $20!! Are you kidding me? $20 for an item that is just going to be beat up by kids?! I don't think so!

Instead, I bought $3 of tissue paper, went home, and cut up lots of tissue paper...
I used 3 colors, and cut long sheets of tissue paper into 4 inch high sections...and cut slits...lots and lots and lots of slits..
I then glued them layered onto a box I had lying around...
Since the box I had was rectangular shaped, I gave Ella the choice of having a "purse" pinata, or a "treasure box"...

and purse it was!! (And it only cost $3, with tissue paper to spare)!!

It was a BIG hit at the little triple-birthday party that we threw for Ella, Lara AND Greg!!
I filled the pinata with fruit snacks. I know...I know...I'm a party pooper, perhaps...but I'm telling you...the kids didn't FIGHT over the fruit snacks (like they do with candy!), and I feel much better letting them eat fruit snacks...
Ella chose a Costco carrot cake for the birthday shindig...and it was also a hit!