Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Yard Project...

My sister has the coolest yard on the planet. Seriously...perhaps it could be counted as an additional "wonder of the world"?!! It is a fortress of concrete and wood...left compliments of their previous owner. Lara & Greg hope to someday be able to convince a home improvement show to come work wonders on the backyard...and make sense of it all. Until then...kids enjoying running around the fortress, and we don't wander too far from the back door!

In an effort to leave behind a token of appreciate for the wonderful time we had living with Lara & Greg...Jared and I decided to tackle a portion of the backyard. I wish I had "before" photos of this newly manually roto-tilled ground...but just imagine weeds and roots galore, as well as lumps (that looked like buried dead bodies), posts, and random chunks of concrete. Jared is a workaholic, and seriously put some major back-work into this yard! I did what I could...limiting my task to raking out the ridiculous amount of roots and weeds from the dirt he turned up. The end result was an entire trailer full of discarded roots/weeds!

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Jennifer said...

Impressive! Okay, so I really need to catch up with you guys. You've been living in Georgia? I thought you were in Mexico. Fill me in!

leadatortilla said...

I can tell it looks better - WAY BETTER! NICE WORK!