Friday, April 16, 2010

Temple Trip to Birmingham

Back in March, we took a road trip to Birmingham with Lara & Greg. The Atlanta Temple has been closed this winter, due to some major construction projects. So, we had to make the long drive to Birmingham to enjoy a temple session!
We had BEAUTIFUL weather, and got some great family photos!
Ella & Maiya with their adoptive parents:

We took the girls to the park while we were there, and the girls enjoyed about 10 minutes of peace (and ladybug catching)!

BUT...yeah...10 minutes later Maiya's finger got ripped open (compliments of Ella, we believe) on the playground equipment...and although stitches certainly could have been a possibility...we opted to bandage her up, instead. She wasn't phased, and wanted to go back to playing right away. She's a tough little cookie!
Much to her disappointment, the bandaging prevented her from sucking her 2 middle fingers on her left hand, as she prefers. In the First Aid Kit (which--may I add--I will never travel without?!) I found a binkie. Maiya thought it was humerous, and enjoyed using it as a finger replacement on the drive back. Her finger-sucking drives me nuts, and I thought it was pretty funny that I was TRYING to get my 2 year old to take a binkie, as opposed to sucking her fingers. After all...if I could hook her on a binkie, I could eventually make that binkie disappear (unlike her fingers).
Unfortunately, the binkie didn't last. Maiya soon discovered that her fingers on the OTHER hand taste just as good. She has now permanently made the switch to her first two fingers on her right hand...and her finger on her left hand has healed well (with a decent scar that will hopefully go away as she grows)!


Devri said...

Ah, binkies and fingers. I'm scared Michael will adopt his fingers permanently. Your girls are so cute! I'm excited to see how much they've grown!

leadatortilla said...

That was good effort on your part - too bad the binkie didn't fly! And I'm surprised she took to the other hand... ah, shucks. The temple pics are beautiful!