Thursday, April 1, 2010


So...just to give a shout-out to my ol' hometown...

I must first note that Topeka, KS officially changed its name to Google a month or so ago, in order to vie for a spot in the coveted high-speed broadband internet project.

Well, Google took notice...and today, if you go to "" will find this:
Below the search bar, it reads "Not in Kansas: learn about our new name"

So...go read it...get a laugh for the day...and remember that this is Topeka's only chance at 15 minutes of fame (oh...besides its "World Famous Zoo" which isn't so) enjoy it!

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Brian said...

I used to ask people if they had ever heard of the world famous Topeka Zoo...funny that no one seems to have heard of it, maybe it's the rest of the world that it's really famous in, and just not the US or something.

Also, I think my favorite was "I topeka'ed it on AltaVista"