Thursday, July 17, 2008

The top 10 Ups and Downs of owning my own business...

1 UP-I'm my own boss.
1 DOWN- I'm my own boss (wait, there's no downside to that one!)

2 UP-I can set my own hours.
2 DOWN-Every hour of my day is intertwined with work.

3 UP-No one else writes my paycheck.
3 DOWN- NO ONE writes my paycheck! (huh? Money? What's that?!)

4 UP-I can call in sick anytime I choose!
4 DOWN-I've got to pay the I come to work even when I AM sick! (I'm currently fighting with bronchitis and a nasty cold on top of reason I am blogging instead of restocking right now!)

5 UP-I get to buy all sorts of things, and then re-sell them. In other words, I get to "consume" without consuming!
5 DOWN-What doesn't sell is already paid for, and it's mine (anyone want boxes and boxes of mulling spices?)

6 UP-I can take my kids to work!
6 DOWN-I have to deal with them at work!

7 UP-I will never be an annoying, ungrateful tourist again (hopefully)!
7 DOWN-I get mad at myself when I realize that I am an annoying, ungrateful tourist, sometimes!

8 UP-I get to work with my wonderful, patient and loving spouse everyday.
8 DOWN-Hmm...there's not a really downside to this one, either :-)

9 UP-I get joy from the simplest things...such as a working printer, scanner, or a sign that works!
9 DOWN-I spend 10x the amount of time trying to fix dumb technical problems that most normal people never have to deal with.

10 UP-I live in Alaska!
10 DOWN-I wish more people could visit me in Alaska!
My friend, Yasmine, has this "tag" on her blog. It's truly self-inflicted, because by participating in the tag, you are tagging yourself. Here's how it works:

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