Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ella's last day of Preschool...

We are SOOOOO blessed that Ella was able to attend preschool while we were in Peachtree City. It was a fantastic school, and she really learned SO much! She is taking off with her numbers and letters, now...and every once in awhile she breaks out into a song that she learned there!

We attended Ella's Easter Party at school (her last day)...and Ella was kind enough to share her snack with Maiya.

Ella's teachers were great!
And she made a lot of great friends who wished her luck in Mexico! Ohh...eventually we'll get there!
I LOVED how the school did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. All of the plastic eggs were labeled with a letter, and each child was assigned a letter to collect. That means there was no fighting--and everyone got the same amount! I will so have to do this some day with my kids!
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leadatortilla said...

I LOVE the letter idea - there weren't enough colors for all the grandkids this year - that would make things WAY easier!! Smart thinking and those pics are so cute! Yeah for the wonderful preschool!