Monday, April 7, 2008

Jayhawks WIN!

Okay, not that I ever really care about who wins what when it comes to basketball...but....Wohooo!!! Go Jayhawks! National Champs! Too bad that I doubted them in my brackets this year...and showed them losing to Duke...who went out a looooong time ago! Hehehee... Shows how much I know :-)

P.S. In case you didn't know...I'm from Kansas!


Christina Pearson said...

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU!!! Yeah for Kansans!!

Anonymous said...

Christina said the exact words I was thinking! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! :))

PS I spent my youth growing up in Parsons, KS

nessa said...

beak em' hawks!

The Donald said...

Well, I guess if someone had to win other than UNC, I would have the Jayhawks, since they beat my team. You had them losing to the Dukies? Really?

~The Donald