Friday, June 5, 2009

Spicy Pizza...

Okay, so thinking about blogging big-scale scares me, nowadays. Quite frankly, I don't have time to blog very often. But, the store is no longer open today, Jared is on the phone wishing his brother a happy birthday, and Maiya is briefly napping in my lap (came down with a fever of 101 this afternoon). So...I was getting some work done...which involves looking through old scans I did in Mexico (part of my attempt to become a paperless office). Sometimes, I keep/scan some non-business stuff, just because it makes me laugh. Of course, I had to scan this ad that was left at my house in Mexico before we left:

Jalapeno bite pizza. Yummy...I would SO go for that.
Spicy Cream pizza. Hmm...not so much. Do you notice the chili sauce criss-crossed all over the top? Yeah, I've seen the locals at the markets top their pizza in that chili sauce, and mustard. Yup...I've seen them DRENCH their pizza in it :-)
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