Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet Sierra

The teachers at "Little Dippers" in Skagway are a fantastic group of girls! Maiya's favorite is Sierra, a high-school age girl who just adores Maiya over all of the other children. Whenever we arrive, Maiya is undoubtedly in her arms. In fact, she likes Maiya so much, that she shared a sweet story with me today, and I wanted to record it so that I never forget it.

She said that she was playing with Maiya alone in the baby room, when suddenly she was overwhelmed with love for Maiya, and she actually started bawling! Sierra explained to me that she has always had a dream of moving to a foreign country, and as she was looking in a child's book with a map of the world, she suddenly had the thought, "But if I did that, then I wouldn't ever see Maiya again!" That thought moved her to tears. She said she picked up Maiya and gave her a big hug, and just held her for awhile. I suppose she now has an inkling of what it is like to love a child like a parent.

Maiya walked in the 4th of July Kiddie Parade with Sierra:
Maiya is lucky to have this best friend this summer at Dippers!

P.S. More later on the 4th of July weekend in Skagway (AWESOME!)...Meanwhile...Mindy, a gal from the Skagway church branch, made an appearance in our parade, impersonating none other than...
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Morgan and Derek said...

What a sweet teacher! And I love the Sarah Palin impersonator! SO funny!

Yasmine said...

You are SO lucky to have a teacher care so much about your kid.