Monday, September 14, 2009

A visit from a Kansan!

A friend of mine from my high school days has been working as a singing entertainer on a cruise ship this summer. He has been in port on Sundays, so we've been playing tour director those afternoons after church. Today, we swapped, and he got us guest passes on his ship, the Seven Seas Mariner, and we got to be the tourists, for once!

Here we are with him in the theater. It's quite a nice, intimate theatre--and it made me itch to stand at a microphone again. Oh, I have to admit I miss those days.

Ella as a future performer in lights? Perhaps...
Overlooking Skagway in the distance...(too bad we couldn't just float away...)
And the two of us, overlooking our home together for the past 8 summers.
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Stina said...

I remember listening to you perform! I always thought you were amazing. Maybe you should go for American Idol! I'd vote for you!!

Jenny said...

Has it really been 8 summers?