Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feeling Swine-ish...

Or flu-ish, that is.

We're back in Washington State visiting the in-laws. Within 5 day's time, all 10 of us, currently in the household, have gotten the flu. I thought I personally had escaped it, until it snuck up on me last night! Fun fun!!

It is 10:19pm, and I am in my pajamas. I've been in them all day. In fact, I have spent the majority of the day laying in bed, or on my in-law's couch watching TV for a distraction...feeling yucky and sluggish.

I have eaten a total of 4 saltine crackers, 2 pop sickles, and 2 cups of apple juice. All day. Let's hope tomorrow will be better!


Stacey said...

yuck! WA is nasty right now, Micah and Hallie came down with the flu while we were visiting a couple weeks ago!

So if we end up staying we are for sure going to have to plan an adventure down to GA or thereabouts! Do you guys know when you'll be there? We MAY be on our way back to WA in Nov... but yea we still don't know depends on whether or not we can find a good job :)

Tennison and Camille said...

Hope you are all feeling better! It hit our family last week. Yuck! I love keeping track of you and your adventures via your blog. Wishing you health & safe travels! Let me know if you come through Boise. We'd love to see you.