Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flashback to Mexico

I still wish I had documented more of our stay in Mexico. So, I was looking through some old photos today, and found some that I hadn't blogged about, yet.

This particular trip happened on February 13th of 2009, and started out as just a random Friday drive to Lake Chapala, to get out of the house!

We circle down towards the Pier in Chapala, and briefly passed this funeral procession:

Next, we circle around towards La Parque Cristiania, and kept taking that major road East of Chapala.

Along the way, we saw this:
And beautiful vistas like this:
We drove up the hill into a small village (San Nicolas de Ibarra, I believe), and found some sweet, but humble homes.
The next neighborhood over, Vista del Lago, (not actually connected, although close enough to be) looked more like this, and had gorgeous properties overlooking a local golf course. It's amazing the diversity of wealth (or the lack thereof) that you get in this area.
Next, we continued East to the small town of Mezcala, which is known for offering boat trips to the island of Mezcala. Some day we'll do that boat trip and blog about it, but we didn't do it on this day.
As we were driving into town, nature struck me...and there was no option but to stop IMMEDIATELY! We learned how fast I could ask directions in Spanish to the closest bathroom. Pretty fast--it turns out--although I admit I really relied mostly on charades to direct me to a restaurant where I ran in, gave them some money to use their bathroom, and probably spent a good 5 minutes locked behind the door. When I came out, I found all of these children hovering around the car, asking Jared for money.
We also saw these girls enjoying some jump rope in the street.
Jared (of course) decided he wanted to see how far East the road would go on the North side of the lake. Turns gets pretty rough if you continue on the road East. We drove for awhile on this (what is the random paved mini section in the middle? I have no idea!), until it became more of a 4-wheeling road. I finally convinced Jared to turn around (yes, he DOES require he thinks he and this van are invincible).
Here's a view of the Lake...still can't see the furthest-most East end of the lake!
On the way back, we stopped at this FANTASTIC "Italian" Joint on the side of the road. When I say "side of the road," I really mean SIDE of the road. Do you see the yellow traffic line in the road? Cars drive RIGHT alongside this little restaurant!
It had fantastic pizza, scrumptious bruschetta (I'd still like to figure out how to replicate that), and delightful decor! Not the cheapest meal we've had in Mexico, but it was so worth every penny!

The evening ended with a beautiful sunset, and we headed back home to Ajijic.


Stacey said...

I love your adventures! Sounds so fun!

Devri said...

I love the comment about Jared and his van. Cracks me up!

Lara said...

Beautiful pictures, but I like the Midway ones even better. :) Can you send me the hiking one?

Linda said...

Incredible scenery! I love your sense of adventure. :)