Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just go Google yourself...

Okay...have we all been guilty of googling ourselves, to see what comes up--right?
(or is it just me?)

I find it rather entertaining. For example, a man called a few days ago to order a wood watch, and remarked that he had read a newspaper article about us moving to Mexico. I said, "Oh, are you from Peachtree City?" "No...but Google is an amazing thing!" He was from Washington, and was probably just googling our business to make sure it was legit!

Anyhow...I don't recommend just googling yourself...that's old school. I recommend you should GOOGLE MAP yourself!

Here is our van in Mexico (and our rental house behind):

Jared getting out of the car in Skagway...(In case you were wondering, you can virtually "drive" down the street and see him in the process of getting out.'s sooo exciting!)
And the van, yet again, in Skagway! There used to actually be a photo of me taken from the alleyway to the right of this photo. Unfortunately, they removed it. Must have been what I was wearing...
So...can YOU find yourself on Google Maps?

Have you ever SEEN the Google car?!! I have! I have!


Lisa said...

I have never heard of Google-mapping yourself. I'll have to give it a try!

Jenny said...

Interesting- never tried it, but kindof spooky to know that we're on camera! crazy stuff!!