Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lessons on Botanas

I still just smile with joy when I see the typical appetizers at parties: Celery, Jicima, Popcorn, and Potato Chips drenched in chili and lime juice...
And don't think for a minute the kids don't go for this...!
Even I am acquiring a taste for it!
However, no amount of toppings will have me asking for hot dogs. Apparently any topping goes, here... jalapeƱos, tomatoes, mayonnaise, sour dream it, they probably eat it!
Another party down... this time with mini-soccer games for the birthday boy, and
the boys each took home a sports jersey, whereas the girls got a headband!
6 1/2 hours later...we left "early"...


Cara said...

Early! Haha, oh I'm exhausted just thinking of it.

leadatortilla said...

If I saw that hotdog and mayo in person - I think I'd be cured for life (to never eat a hot dog again).