Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ballet Class...

Ella has been begging for ballet classes for approximately 2 years (since we last lived here). When I discovered 3 of her friends attend a local class, and that the cost is only $250 pesos/month (less than $25), I decided we should give it a try.
The first day of class she jumped into the class of 6-9 year olds, she proved she is a natural! She had good form, posture, and keeps her feet turned out like a pro! She is the smallest in her class (although another girl comes close), but she tries hard and really looks forward to class 2 times each week!
POP QUIZ: How do you say "ballet" in Spanish?
Everyone here seems to say it as: "Bah-lett"
I guess they didn't stick with the whole French thing...

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leadatortilla said...

I think she looks like a little Alisa from behind... I'm so excited to see you guys!