Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new blog

Introducing our new blog: "Living Outside of the Box"

Yeah, you read that right. I have a new blog I've kinda been working on here and there (hence the lack of activity here). It's hosted on my own domain, and designed through Wordpress (which has a high learning curve, I might add)! It will be a more generic blog...for example, I probably won't talk about some of the personal church experiences and post a billion kid photos on it.

So, why another blog?

The truth is that I long to also share my thoughts & experiences with people that can relate to me. People that don't read it and think, "Oh...they're just showing off or bragging." There are many people out there, like us, who are expats...and as a whole we like to see what different opportunities and experiences that are available when living in different areas of the world.

The new blog will be my means of sharing our travel and day-to-day adventures living South of the Border! I would also like to share more of my personal feelings about what it means to me to be an expat, share the different "tools" we find especially helpful to maintain some of our comforts, and so on. I know I will post things that my family and some friends won't agree with...which is why my family and many of my friends still live in the US.

Some people have taken personal offense from things I have already written on my blog, when there is absolutely no reason to (why take offense when it isn't intended?!). I feel like I always have to edit what I want to write, to be certain not to "offend" people. But, I want to be honest with myself!! So, please be aware that if you don't like what I don't have to read it!

You'll probably still see me pop up with updates here, as well...when I just can't help but share some random kid photos, etc. But I wouldn't bet on it too often.

So...please add this new blog to your feed:

I have about 4 months to catch up on if I can whoop myself into shape, there are many adventures I will be sharing soon!

If you care to know what we're up to, you can also follow our Facebook page:

Finally, I can share things that we're doing from day-to-day, within the context that we live in Mexico and enjoy each and every day!




Lara said...

It seems I've already been to your new blog - Greg says I commented on the EC post. I'm just happy when you blog...I don't care what blog it's on!

Lisa said...

I can't wait to check it out.

And, for the record, how could anyone ever think you were 'showing off'? You guys are amazing - in the most humble way. :)