Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Tag...

I got tagged by my cousin, Joni!

The rules are you have to take ten pictures of the following things. And you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping your child's nose. Then you tag five others.

I have to admit I didn't take all the photos right away (I don't take my camera home from work very often, since I basically live at work in the summers)! However, I didn't do any straightening before the photos were taken, so I think my photos are still valid! :-)

So here it goes:

1. The kitchen sink.
Sure, there were some dishes that weren't done, but I'm more proud of the fact that most of the dishes WERE done, and just needed put away!
2. The toilet.
Oh, the joys of trailer-living! When sitting on this toilet, I have about 2 extra inches beyond my knees, until I hit the bathtub. Imagine how it is for Jared...

3. The laundry room!
Ooops...I don't have one of these. I should have taken a photo of our clubhouse where we do our laundry. But that would have taken another month to remember to take those photos!

4. Inside of the fridge.
Major space limitations. But our shopping trips are usually fairly small. this is a packed fridge, compared to normal (it's probably because there are several leftovers that need to be thrown out...yuck yukc...).

5.What are your kids/spouse doing right now?
Well, I took these photos about a month ago when Joni first tagged me. It was the end of a business day, so Ella was at the store, and was very proud to have just learned how to crawl up on the back room counter to help herself to some snacks... And not more than a few minutes later..."rearranging" our displays...

And Jared working in the back room, pricing new product...

6. Favorite shoes!
Oh, these SOOO need to be replaced...but I can't find any others ne arly as comfortable. They're made by Ecco of Denmark. I have a black pair, too (but it's even more worn down...because they're really my favorites...but they weren't sitting out when my camera was ou t and about).

7. Favorite room.
Hmmm...perhaps my "great room" at home...the living room/kitchen/entry way/kid's bedroom. Hmm...something like that:

8. Your closet!
Oops! I forgot about this photo! Oh well, if I wait to take a photo of it, I will never get this tag done. Just know it is cram-packed with all of our shoes, clothes, and laundry.

9. Dream Vacation.

Ooh...MEXICO!!! If you've read my previous blogs, we said that we were going to go full-time RVing this winter in Texas. However, we've changed our mind. We've always wanted to go to Mexico...and we decided...why the heck, not?

So, We are going to be living near Lake Chapala in central Mexico, this winter. We will be there from November through mid-March. We will actually be in a little American/Canadian community called Ajijic (Ah-hee-heek), with 20,000+ English speakers. Ella will be attending bilingual preschool, and we will doing some exploring, etc. We are usually on our computers all winter long (doing accounting, preparing orders for next year, shopping for new products, and building websites, etc), so we figured...why not do it in Mexico? (And as a side note...if you want to tell us that Mexico is scary...don't bother, unless you have BEEN there, and experienced it yourself. We have plenty of friends who have driven there, lived there, and loved it there.)

Alisa's biggest dream: fresh fruit and veggies...

10. Self Portrait. Oops...I forgot to do this. Hmm...I'm stuck. I'm at the front register, and again, chances are limited that I will actually get this photo done at a later date. Hmm...what to do?

Oh...I just remembered that a friend from the branch here drew a caricature of me the other day. Do you think that works? And if I post that...I might as well post the one of Jared, too (it's on the same paper that I scanned into the computer last week)...and one of Ella!

So, there it is! Now, I tag Tiffany, Lisa, Yasmine, Stacey, and Morgan (that should be fun, considering she's in the middle of a move!)! Have fun, girls!


Joni said...

Yeah! Thanks for doing the tag! I love your home but I have one question...

When did your kids get so big?

The Thomson Fam said...

so not happy- why couldn't you have waited like 2 weeks before you posted this!?! i'm totally in the middle of dejunking and getting ready for a garage sale! but i'll be good and do it now anyway! we'd so love to get together, but can we do it in mexico instead of here?!? ha i wish! let us know when you're comin' through and we'll be ready!

Joni said...


Joni said...

Your kids are getting big, but you are not old. ;)

A long time ago...(boy, do I sound old!)...actually years and years ago...hehehe...I got a birthday list from Martie.

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Joni said...

The caricatures are great! Ella looks a lot like mommy but you already knew that.

Yasmine said...

I love this tag! I'll be a good girl and take the pics right now and then post them when I'm done with my LONG post I'm working on. Sad you won't be coming back for winter but excited for you to experience Mexico. I'm so glad we blog so you can share!!!!!