Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's the end of the....

SEASON, as we know it!!!

Well, almost! Just 3 more days to go, we're all getting pretty dang excited, up here!

So, 3 more ships, 3 more days, and silly things like this are bound to happen:Yes, it really is a "CREEPY BABY" show! Our Landlord's daughter, who manages her family's store just a few doors down, has dragged this "Creepy Baby" all over the world, and taken some magnificent photos (of course, with the "Creepy Baby" in them)! She will be showing a slideshow, photos, and perhaps even revealing the "Creepy Baby," itself.

She has a wall of her store currently dedicated to some "Creepy Baby" photos (yes, we all tend to get a bit silly by the end of the summer...and besides, they were out of the product that used to hang on that wall), as well as a "creepy" story about how her and the "Creepy Baby" met in the 2nd-hand store in Whitehorse Yukon several years ago.

Working every day for 5 months straight does creepy things to you...

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Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

How exciting, I hope you'll call if you swing through Washington. Our kiddos need to see each other again and I need to see you again. I promise I'll be better about making it happen this time.