Thursday, September 18, 2008

The worst Skagway has to offer...

Well, in the summer, that is.

Earlier this week we had beautifully NASTY weather! I say "beautifully," because there is something about raw nature that I LOVE!! The wind was blowing, it was frightfully cold, and we were completely fogged in. I'm sure the planes weren't flying (delivering people and mail). To illustrate this, I had to take a photo. Notice the cruise ship parked at the end of the street. Next, notice that you can't see anything else behind it (like the large mountain with a glacier, etc).:

The very next day was clear(ish) and in the mid-60's...spectacular summer weather for us!! So, to show you the contrast, here is a photo of the next day (please notice the now-visible mountain behind the cruise ship):
Aw...Skagway. Gotta love it!

1 comment:

Greg and Lara said...

But where is the sun????!!!! How do you live there for so many months? I'd be contemplating my suicide by now.