Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Reality of a Dream

So, the reality of my dream is that the band that woke us up yesterday must have been rehearsing for the on-going Festival in Ajijic. It has been nearly a week since it started, and we're thinking perhaps it ended last night, because, alas--There were no fireworks this morning! Align CenterWowee! Here is the band that woke us up (here they come marching through the Ajijic plaza with lit torches, their instruments, and of course, horses!)

We finally attended the "Festival" in the Ajijic Plaza last night (Apparently there are a lot of festivals that happen throughout the year. We don't even know what the festival was for...). We had gone the day before last, but at 5:00pm, half the places weren't even open, and nothing was going on. Last night we went at 6:30, just as the sun was going down. It still took 1 1/2 more hours for the party to get really started. And! Mexicans know how to have a good time!

It was basically a carnival downtown, with craft and food booths, etc. Ella had fun going on the rides (her first opportunity to do anything like this in her life!), and we found some items to buy to resell at the store this summer. Fun fun!
They had some interesting food at the Festival. For example, the 2nd photo down on the left shows spiraled hot dogs on a stick. Ella enjoyed one of these "Cancer Dogs" (as I affectionately call them). Or would you prefer a corndog? Here it is a hot dog wrapped in a corn tortilla!

We were also amused by the Police Officer's uniform for this event (look at the bottom left...they are wearing shoulder and knees pads, as well as a bullet-proof vest over their uniform). If intimidation is what they're after...they got it! They look like the bad guys in some superhero movie! Oh, and the top left and right photo show Ella & Jared on the Ferris Wheel. You would not believe how fast this thing went! It's the fastest Ferris Wheel I've ever seen!

There are a few things here that still perplex me. One is that the Mexican people always appear to be watering the ground. Sure, some Americans apologize for them and tell me that they do it to keep down the dust. But I've seen them water PAVEMENT for 30 minutes at a time (with no store or restaurant in there's no excuse). Here is a gal watering the ground (she has a plastic bag filled with water, with a cut make a watering can) in front of her candy booth.

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Lisa said...

You are living in Mexico for the Winter! Wow!!! Obviously I am behind in my blog reading!

May I say that your family is truly inspirational. You live such fun, adventurous lives. What whimsical childhoods your children are having :) I have to read all your past posts!