Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Preschool Resume!

After Ella's nearly 3 week break from school, we are ready for Preschool to resume! This has been a typical scene in our house, lately, and my ear drums are about to burst!

School begins tomorrow (hallelujah!), and I (Alisa) get a break from Ella for 5 days as I fly to UT with Maiya for my little brother's wedding. Brian is getting married in the Idaho Falls Temple, so I'll be carpooling up from UT in a vehicle packed with family...I'm so excited to see everyone! Wish me luck on the plane with Maiya...she doesn't like sitting still for very long, either!


Lisa said...

LOL....I love the finale!

Can I just say how much I love the internet. ( I say that all the time)

It amazes me that we are living so far apart...yet can totally be up on eachothers lives and happenings....so fun!

And may I also say that we were ready for school to resume around here too!

Yasmine said...

Isn't it funny how flying with a child used to seem awful until you had 2? Now flying with one seems like a little break! Good luck. Hope she sleeps for you.

Greg and Lara said...

HYSTERICAL! Should I remind you at this juncture that we always knew where you were in the house because you were singing? You were no quiet thing either. :)

Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

I love it!

Jenny said...

Cute, cute Ella- how I wish we could have seen her in Utah!