Sunday, February 7, 2010

Death of a Craftshow

We had high hopes of exhibiting products at Craft Shows this winter in the Atlanta area, but have had little luck finding fitting shows. Finally, a high school craft show popped up, with a fee of only $30. We thought, "What do we have to lose?"

As it turned out, we were barely able to break even on the $30 investment (plus gas and lunch), and it was pathethic. All of the others potential shows are half a day's drive away (which means you have to invest in a hotel AND keep the kids with us at the shows all day...BAD NEWS!), have MUCH larger entry fees (try $200-$300), and the expense just doesn't seem worth it to us. I think we're just DONE having overhead expenses.

Meanwhile...these purses are on our website (at major discounts), and on ebay (sold 2 yesterday)! Hopefully we can clear this collection down...luckily, it was a consignment arrangement we worked out with the company that I worked for at the Americasmart last month.
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