Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ode to a Turtle

We purchased these 2 lovely turtles in Tonala, a town near Guadalajara, just over 1 year ago. They have been with us along our long journeys from Mexico to Alaska, and then down to Georgia. This past summer, they were guest residents at the local Daycare in Skagway, and provided entertainment for the kiddos when they bothered to peer in through their murky water.

A few months ago, when making the drive from Utah to Georgia, we stopped in Topeka, Kansas for the night. We always take our turtles in for the night, but on this particular night, we forgot. When we woke in the morning, Jared went to the car to get something, and found our turtles frozen in 2 inches of solid ice on the bottom of their "tank" (we travel with minimal water in there--due to splashing issues when driving!). Oh no!! We took them inside, and placed the tank inside a bathtub of hot water. Slowly, the ice began to thaw, and we patiently poured warm water into the bowl, as well. We had little hope that they would survive...but alas...as the ice thawed, so did the turtles! Within a few hours, they seemed to be back to normal, and were happily swimming around! That was CLOSE!

This past weekend, before going to bed, I peered on the the turtles, and noticed one of them floating unusually in the corner of the large tank we now have them ($4 Walmart clear tupperware). After closer inspection, it became evident that this particular turtle had left this world, and passed on to Turtle Heaven. We had noticed him becoming sluggish lately (especially when compared to his active companion in the bowl), and so we suppose it was just his time. He always seemed the "old fogey" of the pair...relaxing on the top of the rock, while the other loved to swim lap after lap.

Now that I think about it...who am I to call him a "him?" I don't even know what gender these turtles are, nor have I ever done the research to find out!

So, little turtle (whether you be a him or a her), may you rest in peace, and enjoy the endless lakes, ponds, and cilantro (your favorite) in Turtle Heaven. You were a good, effortless pet.

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Morgan -Ing said...

I am amazed that the old turtle survived a freeze and simply died of old age. RIP Turtle. RIP.

leadatortilla said...

I'm sad for the lonely, active guy! How did the girls take it?

Jenny said...

Cute little turtle- it's funny how you always put a price tag on everything.