Sunday, January 31, 2010

Library Fun!!

We finally discovered the joys of attending the local library's bookreading activities for children! For once, our children are both of an age where they actually enjoy books, and can sit through a book reading.

The Peachtree City Library has some great kid's reading events on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The Thursday morning one is geared for younger kids, but we take Ella anyways, and Ella enjoys it more than the 3-5 year old readings on Tuesdays. At the Thursday morning activity, they have reading time, sing songs (The Hokey Pokey, Hickory Dickory Dock, etc), and always finish with an art/coloring project of some sort.

Not surprisingly, Ella's VERY favorite thing at the library is to get on their children's computers, where they have preschool-type learning programs with matching/numbers/alphabet challenges. It's fun to watch her work the mouse (Wow! She's so good for not being allowed to touch the computers at home!), and it is very tempting to want to find her some Preschool CD-Roms for home.

The girls also love picking out their choice of books and children's videos to take home. Maiya tends to wander through all of the shelves, and pick up book after book after book--while I run around after her and try to put the books back in the correct order.

A few weeks ago, Ella chose a DVD called "Baby Ballet," which is a kid's ballet class video. It has been a hit for both her AND Maiya. It is so cute to watch them do plie's, learning arm positioning, stretch, etc. I think they both might be inclined to dance in future years--they already show such promise!

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leadatortilla said...

I love Ella's haircut! so cute! And sounds like the library is a hit - keep going! We've never checked out ballet videos in our house... we've missed out! ha ha ha.....

Greg and Lara said...

I've pretty much decided to stop blogging and just let your blog be mine for the next few months. :)

Jenny said...

I love Ella's new bob- very cute on her and love those purple tights!