Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Circus...

I attended my first circus since my childhood (Mom---did I ever go to a circus? I'm thinking maybe...), and it was quite the experience! This flat empty property became a large circus arena almost overnight. I asked Jared how in the world they could set up these tents, and he suggested they still use elephants (as in the Dumbo movie)....

It was a Mexican ghetto circus...and not a cheap one! We went with some friends from church.

This is Ella with a friend from church (His Dad is a Gringo and Mom is Mexican...she is my first counselor in the Primary).

When deciding to name our boy Ethan, we contemplated how many Ethans there are in the US. It is a very popular name...and I like names to be a bit different, albeit not crazy unique. We finally decided that since we were going to be in Mexico, Ethan would probably be the only Ethan around---no problem!

So, guess what Ella's friend's name is?
Yes, it's Ethan.
:::sigh::: So, there are 2 Ethan's in a ward with less than 20 kids :)

The highlight of the circus was the "Chino Imperial" acrobatic group. In fact, they were pretty much the only highlight (except for the lion trainer...but I feared for his life!). In the below photo the acrobat is about to flip through the top ring. Amazing!

There were also some trashy clowns telling potty jokes (in Spanish, but we could get the gist via their actions), and a few horse and camels doing some trained shows. And that was about it.

Overall, I think I would only attend a circus like this maybe once ever 5 years or so (just so my children can say they've been to a circus before). Not too fantastic as a whole, although I could watch the Chinese acrobats all day!

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Devri said...

You know, I don't think I've ever been to a circus. Not sure though. At least now your kids can say they've been, right?