Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We purchased a raft from Costco last month, and have enjoyed taking the girls out onto the lake. We pack up the raft in the back of our van, drive down the street and turn the corner, and load it into the lake!

Jared does most of the rowing. I am a pathetic rower (I have found 2 separate paddles simultaneously is very difficult)!

The girls jump out and are allowed to hang on to the side of the raft to swim or float in intertubes.

Even Ethan seems to enjoy the ride!

The lake has to be very calm to actually row somewhere.
We once took the kids out and Jared rowed in place for about an hour until we called it quits!
Hey, it's not a fancy boat...but it's water-worthy!!
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Cara said...

There's a whole lot to be said for water worthy. You don't need fancy to make memories!

Devri said...

Ooh. What fun on the lake! I love lakes!

leadatortilla said...

You are not only living in Sunny and warm mexico - you also have a BOAT!!!??!?! You are living the life. ;-)