Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The (Not-So-New-Now) Walmart in Lake Chapala!

Just after our arrival to Lake Chapala in early November, we were surprised and excited to learn that the new Walmart was nearly complete!

Outside of the Walmart parking lot a huge crew was working hard to lay the cobblestone entrance. In this particular section, they were filling the cobblestone cracks with concrete rather than dirt (making it a bit easier to drive on), but it was amazing to us to see how long the still worked to complete this relatively small section.

Within a few days, the Walmart was complete, and had a grand opening! Of course, it was PACKED, and I had to take a photo of one of their newly erected parking signs:
Only in Mexico would you see a lime display this large...
One of the culture shocks when we entered Mexico was figuring out how to purchase pastry and bread items at Walmart. By watching others, we finally figured out the Mexican way. This is how it works: In the bread section you claim a tray and some tongs, and then you make your selections from the displays. Then you take your tray to the sales counter where they weigh it, price it, bag it, stick a price tag on it, and send you on your way!! We loved it! Our favorites were the super cheap bread rolls (10 cents), and the yummy pink frosting donuts (30 cents)...our splurge on many Walmart trips!
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