Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 15 - My Dream House

Sorry to disappear on you for awhile. I went to Washington State for a family reunion with Jared's family (more on that later). It was a great trip, and it took me a few days to recoup and feel like blogging again!

My Dream House...

-Would be just big enough for my family, but still have room for visitors
-Would be colorful, vibrant, and have lots of personality!
-Would have lots of kitchen counter space for preparing meals
-Would be in a place with a comfortable temperature year-round & have a wonderful cross breeze
-Would have large windows that I could leave open almost all of the time
-Would have a great outdoor living space (even more important than the indoor space) with lots of shade
-Would be paid for in cash
-Would be a happy home, where my kids are polite and kind to me (wow-that would be a change!)
-Would be a place I could be happy with my husband forever

In other words...this house would be in MEXICO!


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