Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2 - My Favorite Movie

Who can pick just one?

I admit...I LOVE inspirational movies where the underdog triumphs! But I hate it when I find out one of these movies isn't based on a true story. I guess I feel cheated, or lied to, perhaps? Seriously can MAKE up a good story...but a REAL one is SOOO much more uplifting!

Here are 3 of my favorites:

#1 Rudy (it ALWAYS makes me cry...and I hate football!!)

#2 Seabiscuit (I love how every character in this movie has his own struggle/triumph)

# 3 Stardust (Okay--it's fiction, and nothing like the 2 previous movies...but it is just plain entertaining!! Haven't seen it? GO RENT IT NOW!!)

1 comment:

Devri said...

I LOVE Stardust! And I love your new layout. Looks SO good! You made me happy when you said you were going to do it too.