Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 3 - My Favorite Television Program

#1 - "So You Think You Can Dance"

I only discovered this show a season or two ago, and I have been in love ever since. I don't want much TV, but I really have soft spot for this show. I admit I've never watched early episodes of auditions, etc...but I've enjoyed watching the Top 10 for the past few years.

I'd compare it to American Idol...but it is really so much more. American Idol has had some untrained, and actually, some pretty poor singers that have made it pretty far in the competition. However, in So You Think You Can Dance, the dancers are highly trained and talented. I love seeing the variety of choreographed numbers...and I'll admit that I love Contemporary best.

I have a few favorite dances, and my ABSOLUTE favorite dance EVER was by Ashleigh and Ryan (the married couple from Utah) last season. It brought me to tears--and still does:

My second favorite dance from that show was "Bleeding Love"...don't know why I loved that one so much:

As for runners up for my favorite TV program...I also really enjoy The Office (haven't seen it in almost a year) and International House Hunters (but specifically Latin America locales!).


Mom2mykids said...

Oh, we LOVE SYTYCD! Bleeding Love is one of my favorite routines, too. I also love the "No Air" routine by Katee & Joshua from that same year. Oh, and the Bollywood routine Katee & Joshua did was excellent, too. I could go on and on ... who are you rooting for this year? We love Kent around here ... love love LOVE him! He's just so adorable!

Devri said...

Never seen it. I liked the husband/wife dance.