Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shopping for School Supplies

The school here gave us a list of school supplies needed for each girl. So, we went school supply shopping...Mexican style!

We entered a local Papeleria, which essentially sells any thing: cards, ribbons, gift bags, glue, notebooks, sewing supplies, etc. is a mix of anything and everything!

Close to the Ajijic Plaza is Papeleria Hidalgo, with a very nice couple who has owned the business for over 20 years. It shows, because there are so many things hidden in every nook and cranny (and perhaps some are as old as the store?)! I

We handed them the school supply list, and let them try to knock off as many items as they could. It was a good 30-45 minute wait, but we enjoyed browsing and relaxing on the front stoop...until we walked away with nearly $100 worth of school supplies (and there are still some items we missed!)! Ouch! :-)

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leadatortilla said...

OUCH!! I love that you carry your camera everywhere - it helps with that gringo look I'm sure... KEEP IT UP!!! ;-)

Jennifer said...

Alisa, I've been catching up on your blog and all I can say is guys are amazing! What an adventurous, fabulous life you lead! Are you staying in Mexico for good? How do you like it overall? When are you coming back to Kennewick for a visit?? :)

Lara said...

Woeee! Look at that red hair on that boy! You're not kidding about Ethan being a red-head!