Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The supermercado...

They love their cactus...

Personally, I find it a bit gooey when cooked up...but I have been told by my Mexican friends that you can wash the gooeyness off.
Maybe I'll have to try that sometime (or maybe not?!)!

One funny thing...they actually peel all of their onions before putting them on display. You know how in the US all of the onion layers are left on? Not so, here...I guess they like to see exactly what they are getting!
I also went into Walmart one day, and discovered a massive and eager group gathered around the oranges. Turns out there was a GREAT deal, and people were walking away with bags upon bags full. I joined in the fun once I realized that the oranges were about 4 cents a piece! WOWEE!
The only downside is that they have very thin peels, which are surprisingly very difficult to peel. However, they make excellent juice (if I can only get myself a juicer...)!

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Devri said...

I didn't like cactus so much either. I couldn't get past the texture. Strange stuff.

leadatortilla said...

Doesn't your amazing blender do the trick of juicing?!?!? Looks yummy - I'm willing to try cactus.