Monday, November 2, 2009

Hawaii - Day #1

Flew into Honolulu on a fantastic plane. Each seat had an individual TV console with New Release movies, TV, and even music options. Plugged in my uncomfortable iPod ear pods, and watched 2 1/2 movies (does anyone find those pods comfortable? They kill my ears). Jared watched movies he's been wanting to see (but I don't want to)...Transformers and Terminator. I watched 4 Christmases, 1/2 of 300 Days of Summer, and really loved "My Sister's Keeper." I tried to hide the fact that I was crying over that movie on the plane...

Upon landing, my stomach lost it without any warning. I was frantically wondering where the barf bag was, but was convinced that if I began to look for it, I would DEFINITELY lose it. Tried to focus on the movie instead. Survived...just barely.

Landed, picked up luggage, and took a shuttle bus to "Budget" to pick up our car. Jared waited in line, and I paced and paced, trying to get rid of the motion sickness. When Jared finally got to the front of the line, I handed him the confirmation page, which he handed to the agent. She handed it was for ALAMO.

On to a shuttle bus for a great car for an unbeatable price, and searched out food. Jared ate, and I worriedly ate a bit.

Next, went searching for camping up on the mountain top (the closest National Park). Arrived at said-camping park, but discovered that camping isn't allowed (we didn't have a permit, anyways...which you have to do in advance at a designated office)...but we saw about 20 stray cats running through the small park. And a wild hog. New park name is the "Ditch-your-cat park."

Went looking for a place to sleep, but before we made it down the mountain, I made Jared pull over at a gas station so I could puke my brains out. Luckily he pulled to the side of the station, instead of the parking lot. Puked in private after 3 hours of misery. Felt much better.

Continued on hunt to downtown Waikiki. Completely overwhelmed with endless shops, and more endless shops, and more endless shops. Did I bring enough business cards?

Found a cheap hotel, but pulled in and discovered they have a $15.70 parking fee (gratuity not included). WHAT?! Pulled out. Found a hostel with only $5 parking fee. Checked in, and crashed by 7:30 while Jared researched Hawaii on the computer for several hours.

Woke up at 5am, rearing to go. Decided to let Jared keep sleeping. Woke up again at 7am...showered in a cool shower (a relief from the heat and humidity)...and ready for a great day!


Morgan and Derek said...

I'm sorry about the puking! But sometimes its all that helps. Good luck! Have fun. :)

leadatortilla said...

Maiya and Ella LOVE Myla - I'm grateful to her for her help today! We survived the hardest day of the week! Lots of toys everywhere - lots of socks in random places - and well, everyone is happy and ASLEEP. Maiya didn't even FUSS when I put her down at8:30pm!! She was ready for bed. Anyhoo - they are doing great and it sounds like you are doing great too! I hope the stores aren't only taking your business cards - any orders yet? : - )