Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hawaii - Day #6

We drove up West Maui, and visited Lahaina's Front Street. There, we found a gift for Ella that we couldn't resist. This man does Korean "Leather Brush Art," and made this picture (with Ella's name) right in front of us within minutes. Look closely...there is a whale, dolphin, hula dancer, and turtle! So cute!

After walking the front street several times, we were pooped. We drove further up West Maui, and found a swim-able beach (a lot of the beaches are really rough this time of year--not very good for swimming). We played in the ocean for about 2 hours. It was GREAT! I can't remember the last time I was just able to play in the ocean without kids...hmm...6 years ago...I remember now...WOW.

Can you believe that it took us until Day #6 to actually get to SWIM in Hawaii? We are definitely working tourists...
After swimming, we drove back to Front Street, and were surprised that it was packed and lively! Since we hadn't been able to speak to any owners earlier, we popped our heads back in and met a few. We got a confirmed order (that demanded exclusivity, of course) and walked out successful! Wohoo!

We went back to our campsite, did laundry, and watched "27 Dresses" in the car (it was from a Redbox-type Hawaiin Rental box), which I was very excited to finally see. It was only after it started that Jared informed me that we HAD seen it. While it seemed vaguely familiar, it was still all new to me. I really have NO memory for movies. Seriously...we've rented and seen this movie before, and I had no idea what was going to happen next in each scene. Pathetic.

Fell asleep exhausted, and showered the next morning in the open-air cool showers. Thank goodness it's not Alaska glacier-fed water, because it was still cold enough for my taste...

This is our campsite at Camp Olowalu. It's $20 a night for the two of us, and it is set right on the beach among a mess of branches and trees. It's a pretty wild camp site, but very very quiet and yet full of people. It's so dang hot's hard to sleep inside a tent...oh well!
Day #7 begins...wish us luck!
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Tiffany said...

I'm SO JEALOUS!!! That's all I can say... so jealous!

leadatortilla said...

I love that artwork - how fun! I suppose I shouldn't show this to Ella?!?! hee hee (JK) I like the campsite - and it's hard to imagine being HOT.... seriously - how does that place continue to exist everyday - despite our cold winters here? It is such a distant dream.... That's exciting about exclusivity (sp) - I suppose that is a good thing?!?! Does that mean a bigger order? Does that mean just for that town? or for the island? Just curious. Good luck at the Big Island!