Friday, November 6, 2009

Hawaii - Day #5

Woke up on Thursday morning, put on the swimsuits, and drove out of camp to go find a swimming place. Stopped at the office on the way out to pick up on their free Wifi, check emails, and decided to book a flight leaving the next day for Maui. Booked the flight for an unbelievable deal, and then proceeded to book a car rental. It was at that point that I realized I had booked a flight for THAT DAY. Yup--leaving in 2 hours. And we were 1 1/2 hours away from the airport. OOPS. A CLASSIC Alisa moment.

So, we rushed back to our tent site, packed our tent and bags as quickly as possible, and dashed to the airport. We returned our car (paying the excess fee to have them fill up the car because we couldn't do it in time), and ran up to the checkout counter. Too late. Darn. So, we called the reservations place (saved us the $50 fee they charge you at the desk) to change the flight for an upcoming one. Had to pay $30 more each for the more expensive ticket (I told you we got a good deal!), and overall, the experience cost us an extra $90. Oh well.

We were booted out of Oahu fast, and we weren't that disappointed. We were happy to fly into Maui, pick up a new car rental, and track down our impossible-to-find campsite (only because we got bad directions from the camp manger who wouldn't answer her phone). Found the site--quite pleased with it! And now...Day #6 is a work day. Here we go!!

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leadatortilla said...

WOW!! you are in MAUI! I wish I remember the names of the places browsed around.. but I'm sure you'll find them soon enough... there's only 1 road and only so much shopping! I'm impressed you were even close to getting your flight... DANG!! That was intense!
I took Danny to the Dr. this morning - sure enough - two FLAMING ear infections. Now I know why he's such a grump! poor guy!