Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hawaii - Day #8 - The Road to Hana

On Day #8 we drove the Road to Hana, clearly the best thing you could do in Maui. If you've come to Maui and haven't driven the Road to're a fool!

A cool looking chapel somewhere along the road...
The road is full of small 1-way bridges built into the mountain side...
We stopped at a black-pebble/sand beach with lava tubes, etc.

Instead of driving the 3-hour "Road to Hana" back the same way we came (which is the normal route), Jared (OF COURSE) wanted to continued driving around the entire East side of Maui on a less-traveled road. It was rough at times, but offered a beautiful, untouched view of Maui.
His favorite view of Maui!

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leadatortilla said...

I'm impressed you kept going! And I'm impressed you didn't need a 4 wheel drive for it!