Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day at the Cine!

Last month the school had a field trip to the movie theater! Imagine a theatre full of children ages pre-K through 3rd was a bit of a zoo! Children Maiya's age were required to have a parent attend with them...and it was my pleasure!

Here's the crowd getting situated. Everyone received a cup of popcorn and a fruit drink. Guess what they put on their popcorn in Mexico?

You guessed it...CHILI!!!!

::Shaking head:::

Children's movies are dubbed over in Spanish (and adult movies are left in English, with Spanish subtitles).

After enjoying "Megamente" in Spanish ("Megamind"), Maiya was totally and completely pooped.

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leadatortilla said...

Ooooh - that last picture is the BEST!!! I think "pooped" is an understatement!!

Miss Lisa said...

Wow, I can't imagine taking my 12 Pre-K children to the movie theatre for a field trip! We just went to the fire station and that was somewhat nerve racking.

Question: Do you think your girls school would be interested in writing to my class and sharing some pictures showing what they like to do and what Mexico looks like? We would write back and share pictures of our school and the Wenatchee Valley. I like to show my kids what life is like in other countries, we have a country of the week. :) We just sent a letter to my niece who is in China going to Preschool right now.