Monday, February 28, 2011

The freedom to earn a living...

One of the many things I love about Mexico is that you are free to make a living and feed your family. Let's say you can't find a job. Are you going to sit at home and get welfare? No--you get off your rear, and get out on the streets--and make money to feed your family that day!

You can find just about anything being sold on the street sides. At most traffic light intersections in Guadalara, you can get an assortment of goodies and services. It is very normal to stop at a red light, and have some young men (or old men) start washing your windshield with a rag and then squeegie it spotlessly clean. Even if you ask them not to, they will often do it anyways.

They must assume it is better to do the work anyways, and hope that you will find their service worthy of paying for. If they sit back and don't do anything they are guaranteed to not earn any money.

Other streetside finds might include: Candy, fruit drinks, ice cream, tupperwares, flowers, sunglasses, windshield wipers (we've literally had ours replaced while at a red light!), and the list goes on!

How about a Valentine for your honey?

Or a newspaper?

Or let's say you want to go relax on the malecon for the evening in Ajijic, but you need to make a bit of extra money? Why not pack the trampoline, set it up in the public park, and put up a sign that offers 15 minutes of jumping for $10 pesos? Now you are in business!

In Mexico, you will find many streetside setups where an entire family is contributing to the family business. Below, these ladies are weaving some fabulous tote bags that we used to purchase for our store. I just wish we still had an excuse to buy more and support all of these entrepreneurs!

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leadatortilla said...

I love how positive you are - honestly!! You are amazing. And I was impressed with the family businesses too - Danny would have run away by now.