Monday, February 7, 2011


A good friend of mine treated me to Nieves the other day (Nieve=snow). They put fruit juice in a big container which is then shaken/rotated in a big rustic barrel full of salt and ice. I really still don't understand how that could make something turn into nieve...but I love it!

So...introducing what I would call FROZEN LEMONADE (quite possibly the best frozen dessert in existance)! I used to crave these when going to "Worlds of Fun" in Kansas City, but I was rarely willing to pay the price tag. Here? $2.50 and under for a cup!

Oh, but don't forget your toppings! Pour some more lemon juice on, and don't forget your CHILI powder!

Yes, seriously. They put chili powder on their FROZEN LEMONADE.

:::shaking head:::

This is what a true Mexican nieve looks like. Mine had only a dash of chili powder so I could try it (not terrible, but not preferable, either!)

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