Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Maiya's 1st Birthday!

It's hard to believe that Maiya has been part of our family for a year, now. But then again, it's hard to imagine life without her! It was so much easier having only 1 child, but when we were in the thick of things, we thought it was plenty hard! It's amazing how your perspective changes over the years. are some things I love about Maiya:
  • Maiya has always been a darling, sweet baby!
  • She has always slept well (compliment of "Babywise")
  • She has always been a "Mommy's Girl" (Awe. I just love that!)
  • She has the sweetest grin that just makes me laugh every time I see it.
  • She is VERY tiny for her age (she weighed in at the doctor's last week at 15.8 lbs), but she has these delightful squishy cheeks that I always want to kiss (and always do)!
  • Despite her size, she eats like a HORSE! She probably eats just as much as some adults...and she certainly out-eats Ella EVERY day. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the missionaries, and I warned them about Maiya's eating abilities. After the meal, one of the Elders said, "I didn't believe you...but Whoa!"
  • She follows me around the kitchen, trying to cling to my legs (okay, so sometimes it's annoying...but it's also so cute!)
  • She HATES getting her diaper changed, and flops in every direction. This daily interaction shows her strength. She is HARD to control...and we will be in deep doo-doo when she gets older.
  • She loves baths, and when I show her the towel (indicating her time is done), she tries to crawl away from me (to the far end of the bath tub). She squeals, and acts like it's a game (that is, until I get her out, and she gets VERY upset!)
  • She loves to suck her two middle fingers...better than a binky anyday!
  • Her hair stands straight up if you put it in a ponytail or in pigtails. Even when it's wet!
  • She loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth. This goes with the whole eating thing...because if any food is left accessible, she'll be eating it in seconds!
  • She's so cute and cuddly (Jared's chiming in next to me)
  • Her giggles are ADORABLE!
  • She's perfect (Jared adds in, "Except for diaper changing!")
Maiya and Ella were anxiously awaiting the birthday cake I made:
Maiya devoured her cake face-first. Here's the video to prove it!:

The aftermath:
And her birthday bath:
And to top it all off, we got to enjoy some BEAUTIFUL fireworks in Chapala at the Festival Deluces. The best view was directly overhead.
We love her, and we're so glad she is in OUR family! Happy 1st Birthday, Maiya!


Lisa said...

1 already!??!? woW!

I love her piggy tail and how it stands straight up!

Morgan and Derek said...

What a cute little peanut! Happy Birthday!

Greg and Lara said...

Maiya is SOOOO cute! You have the two cutest girls in the world. I love her hair straight up, and I loved the face plant. Nice! Every parent's dream. :)

(P.S. That spider picture is going to give me nightmares, you know.)

Yasmine said...

Happy Birthday Maiya! I hope you guys have a great time celebrating! (I'll be working on that tag, too.)

The Thomson Fam said...

Happy Birthday Maiya!!!

Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

Oh my gosh. She's such a beautiful little girl. I can't believe how fast they grow, I can't wait to see you guys again when you swing back this way.

:) Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Me and Kayla just watched the video! We can't believe how much she has grown!! We still love her and Ella and miss ya'll sooooo much! <3

-Paige and Kayla

Jenny said...

That video of Maiya was soo cute!! I loved seeing her in action- I just don't feel like I know her and can't wait to "meet" her in Jan.!! Her & Tyler will have so much fun! Is she walking yet? She's adorable! Happy Birthday to maiya!