Monday, December 1, 2008

Chapala Market

Since we missed last week's market in Jocotepec, we went over to Chapala today to visit their market. To give you an idea of what the markets are like, I took a short video of it:

Today's finds were great, as always! I got 2 kilos of tomatoes, 1 kilo of avocado, 17 bananas, 2 large cantalopes, and 2 kilos of strawberries. I got all of these for $69 pesos, just over $5 USD. SWEET! (For your information, 1 kilo equals about 2.2 pounds) I'm estimating this kind of purchase in Skagway would cost me at least $40. EAT THAT, Skagway!

The weather has been gorgeous lately (oh wait, it's gorgeous EVERY DAY!). We haven't seen rain since we arrived in Mexico over 1 month ago...WOW. So, we enjoyed a photo shoot in the back yard with the girls, and our mandarine orange tree.


The Thomson Fam said...

the pics of the girls are SO cute! what program did you use to do the bw and color pics? i can't figure out how to do it with mine!

Hydi said...

Those are such great pics. Looks like you're livin' life right. How fun! Feel free to send some fresh citrus this way whenever you get an urge. ;)

Greg and Lara said...

So cute! I wish I had two cute girls and a mandarine orange tree! Instead I have a cute husband and a jungle Swiss Family Robinson backyard. :)