Sunday, February 22, 2009

4th File, 4th folder, 4th picture TAG

My friend, who lives in Germany, got tagged with the above instructions. Okay, so I tagged myself in return, but not because I wanted to talk about my photo or myself (although Ella was so darn cute in my Little Mermaid socks...and she loved to do the splits...not to mention this was the age before she really learned to talk back...):
The truth is, my friend posted this photo, with a link to her prior post to explain how this photo came to be. I read the story for the first time, and she had me laughing SOOO hard that milk would have been pouring out of my nose (if I happened to drink milk). She gave me permission to link to her story, so you could read up, and I sincerely hope that you never have a day like this :-) Prepare to LAUGH!

And if you want an excuse to post a photo or talk about're TAGGED!!

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Lisa said...

I'm up for a good laugh...I'll have to go read it!