Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ella loves to dress up. She doesn't run around like my nephews and play with fake guns (except for Jared's pen cap that she took today and called her "shooter"...she doesn't even know the word for gun...REALLY), but she LOOOVES dresses! She literally changes her clothes about 3 or 4 times after she gets home from school (in about 6 hours time). I catch her doing all sorts of "performances" for us, usually with "Spanish" (gibberish) dialogue.
Her moves are quite entertaining:

A few weeks ago I caught her in the same outfit, "watering the plants." Keep in mind, our house actually comes with a gardener (it's part of the deal), and he waters regularly. But, she helped herself to the hose, turned on the water, and began watering the plants.
I caught this photo, left her to her work, and then moments later heard a horrified scream. I was certain she had stepped on a thorn, or had been stung by a bee. To my surprise, when I ran to her side, I discovered that she had only slipped and fallen in the now-muddy flower bed. She was so sad that she had gotten her tutu all muddy. Well, we laughed, she lightened up, and the tutu was washed.

On another note, we try to enforce Ella's Spanish vocabulary by asking her the Spanish translation for regular household items. The other day, she sounded so certain when she told us the Spanish translation for a word we weren't familiar with. We were impressed! That is, until we asked her for the Spanish word of another item that we DID know, and she matter-of-factly told us her Spanish translation. Complete and utter jibberish. She is a good actress :-)

ALSO, the other day I asked her to say "Please" in Spanish (a common thing in our house, now), and instead of saying "por favor," she said PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE with a long, drawn-out, ROLLED L. Yup. I didn't know you could roll your L's...but this girl has it down! She can roll ANYTHING!


The Thomson Fam said...

OK she is the cutest thing ever! Can we borrow the red hair cause it is too much!

Lisa said...

Oh that Ella is a cute one! She'll be fluent before you know it :)

Stina said...

What cutie! Don't you just love little girls?

leadatortilla said...

I love the watering picture... maybe she'll do this as an old lady too and we can say - well, she did it since she was 3! ha ha ha

Morgan and Derek said...

I love LOVE LOVE the tutu. I need one.