Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maiya's Walking!!

I forgot to mention that Maiya has learned how to walk!! Well, sort of. Okay, not really.

She started by doing some pretty entertaining squats in the middle of the floor, and then voila! One day, she just stood up!! So, she loves to stand by herself, but she's not too keen on walking. Several weeks ago she did take some steps for us, but she still prefers to crawl. ::sigh:: As long as she learns to walk by the time we get to Alaska, that'll be great! If she learns to walk in 1 more month's time, she'll be right on schedule with Ella's development at the same age.

Below, Ella was helping Miaya "walk" around the house (Maiya held on to her pants, and followed her around).

Earlier this week Ella got very ill. She was fine one moment, and a disaster the next. Her temperature spiked to around 102 degrees when she was going to bed, but she woke up fine. The fever returned once during the day, then came back again at night, and then a few nights later she even broke out in sweat and the chills. We kept her home from school, and her and Maiya snuggled briefly on the couch.
Isn't it funny that even babies know what phones are? I don't think we are on the phone that often, but she sure knows what a phone is! In fact, anything phone-shaped becomes her phone (try a calculator, or remote control?). I guess it is preparation for her teen years...
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Stacey said...

I have to know... do they get along this well all the time!? And Hallie does the exact same thing with any object that remotely resembles a phone! So funny!

Jenny said...

I noticed Ella's cheeks were super read- sunburn or fever? tyler's get that way when he's really overheated.