Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloglines is Closing

For all those of you who may use Bloglines, you may have heard the news that it is closing permanently. So sad!! Bloglines has been my program of choice, to follow all the blogs I enjoy reading. It notifies me when there is a new post, and is has a reading pane, so I don't have to visit everyones' blog individually...saving me lots and lots of time!

Well, good news! I have found a great alternative to Bloglines (its perhaps even BETTER!): Google Reader. Click below for instructions on how to export your Bloglines list into Google Reader:

Happy Blog Reading!!


Mom2mykids said...

I've always used Google Reader (well, not *always* ... for a long time, how about that!). I like it a lot. It has a list on the side of the blogs you're reading and how many messages have been posted since you last read. Then the bigger pane becomes the reading pane, and you can click through to the actual blog if you want to do that. Good luck with it!

Stina said...

You are the best! Thanks for the info!

Youngberg Family said...

Hey if you're really interested in a good parenting book, this one I read last was great. It's called "Have a new kid by Friday." It's simple, logical, and totally doable. It was after this book that things started to change for Lexi.

Sarah said...

Bummer. I am glad you are keeping your blog alive! I love reading and seeing all your beautiful children.