Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

During the days, we went to a local park on the lake that is just above the dam. The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins in the water, and I got to do a lot of reading!

Uncle Chris took us out on his boat. After taking off and getting a fair distance from the docks, his engine started acting funny, and then cut out. He had me a bit worried when he began looking at the docks, seemingly calculating the swimming distance. But alas, he started it again, and we went back. I think he was running low on fuel....

We drove up above Coulee City for a nice view of the dam at a distance!

There is a very odd structure at the lookout, and the grandkids all posed with the grandparents for a photo. Of course, our children were the only difficult ones for this photo shoot!

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