Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 27 - My Worst Habit

A few funny habits I have...

#1 - I type things on my fingers. I've learned to do it so that you can't see my fingers moving, but the muscles are being used, and I type uncontrollably at times. I used to type numbers and conversations. Now, I find myself simply typing myself messages. The typical messages I type to myself are: "What the heck?" "Are you kidding me?" Seriously...I have no idea why and how...but when I catch myself typing, I usually discover that I am typing this to myself. WEIRD.

#2 - I play with my hair. I finger through my hair strand by strand, looking for the "crinkly" hairs...the super-curly ones. I used to pull them out, but I've stopped that. Now, if I pull a hair out, it is only because I have been playing with that super curly one for too long! Again, I can't stop myself from playing with my hair strands.

#3 - Every since we left Georgia this Spring, I have been obsessed with ice. I blamed it on the pregnancy, but I still haven't gotten over the craving. I was chewing ice all the time, and I began to worry about the health of my teeth. So, now I only allow myself to suck on ice, instead of chewing it. If you see me reaching into a glass of water to get my ice--I am sorry. I just can't help it.

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